The Room of Requirement

Central to the adventures of Harry Potter was the Room of Requirement. This part of Hogwarts changed itself to being whatever the wizard or witch needed it to be.

This is the idea behind Dish’s Room of Requirement, our own event space two floors above our kitchen in Observatory. There is no such thing as completely neutral space, but this amazing room (almost an entire floor) is standing by to become whatever you most need it to be, whether by day or night.

The Room of Requirement was also known as the Come and Go Room. With that in mind, our team is on hand to make the experience completely hassle- and stress-free.

The only thing that Hogwarts’ Room of Requirement couldn’t do was provide food. In our version, we’ve got that covered!

Host your next party, photo shoot, dance or yoga class, workshop, mini conference…. or anything you require

Contact us for further information, or to make a booking.

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