It Shouldn’t Happen to a Caterer

My drive home on Thursday evening involved a detour via the supermarket (let’s just say I wasn’t enthralled at the prospect of eating chicken for the third night in a row). Amongst the options was lamb mince, which is not something I often see, immediately available.

What’s a girl to do with lamb mince, other than koftas? And, if you’re going to make koftas you may as well go the whole hog (purely in a manner of speaking, of course) and do an entire Greek dinner. So, one thing led to another, resulting in a little themed evening on Friday.

However, I interfered in Aedan’s baklava at just the wrong time, in that I poured the syrup over the dish’s contents before it went into the oven. The result (still tasty, admittedly) was the not-quite praline version of baklava, which goes to show that anyone who gets me on their catering job – rather than one of my fabulous kitchen professionals – truly has the F team.

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