Our August promotion team-up: SweepSouth

About a year ago, a new customer posted a review on our Google page: “One of the finds of Lockdown. Great food and value for money.” His comments blew us away, and then he backed it up by ordering food every week since then.

We feel the same way about SweepSouth. We started using their service full-time as soon as lockdown regulations allowed it (we’d recently lost our domestic worker), and it changed our lives. In case you don’t already know this, SweepSouth connects you with trained, trusted people to clean your home. Their checklist, which we spotted once, is extensive, and the work ethic of every person who has come to our house has been extraordinary.

In case it isn’t already obvious, these comments come with a strong recommendation. They also come with a voucher that will save you R50 on your next home clean. CLICK HERE to claim yours (promotion is valid until end August).

While it’s true that ordering meals from Dish reduces the volume of post-meal cleaning, it simply gives the SweepSouth cleaner a little extra time to clean those forgotten, hard-to-reach places.


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