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WhatsApp message: 063 632 0034
(please do not call this number)
Calling our landline: (021) 447-0323
(between 08:00 & 17:00 on weekdays)

Why not place your orders in advance for the entire week?

We deliver or you collect


• We deliver within a distance of 25km from Observatory, Cape Town, as well as to Somerset West. That means that we cover the majority of the City of Cape Town metro.
• Affordable delivery fee: R50 per day.
Weekday deliveries occur between 15:00 & 18:00 (exact times not available).
• Alternatively, items marked for collection are available from our kitchen between 14:00 & 17:00 on the chosen weekday.

Different requirements? Please give us a call before ordering.

Heat & serve


We package the meal components with reheating in mind, and also provide the instructions. No soggy burger buns here!

Simply unpack, heat, and serve.

Family or celebration meals have never been easier.

our menus are varied, representing many different styles of cuisine, and offers something new and exciting every week!

healthy and fresh, made from quality ingredients

cater your own parties and celebration meals by mixing and matching our menu items

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The High Tea Set


  • The High Tea Set

  • The Sundowner Set


  • The Sundowner Set

  • The Indulgence Set


  • The Indulgence Set

  • The Rainbow Set


  • The Rainbow Set

  • The Frivolity Set


  • The Frivolity Set

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    free yourself to celebrate important milestones and be fully immersed in life's special moments — book our full-service event catering for the occasion

    From the Dish Food & Social kitchen to your dinner table:

    Let me start by saying how incredibly lucky I feel to make a living doing something I’m truly passionate about. I’m Andrea, the proud founder of Dish Food & Social, and I’m excited to share our culinary world with you.

    At Dish we have a different approach to work and life. We don’t simply work to live; instead, my amazing team and I cook because we have an unwavering love for food, and we attend parties because we love connecting with people. That’s why the “food & social” part of our company’s name holds deep significance for us.

    Since our beginnings in my home kitchen back in 2002, Dish has had the privilege of cooking for some of South Africa’s most esteemed corporates, as well as many luminaries of Cape Town. We’ve been part of grand events like the Nederburg Auction, Loerie Awards, Durban July, and the L’Ormarins King’s Plate, as well as intimate home dinners and enchanting weddings. No matter the occasion, we pour the same passion for food and unwavering attention to detail into every meal.

    Our approach to event catering is simple: we create custom-designed menus tailored specifically to your preferences. Each event receives our full dedication, whether it is a cozy home dinner for four, or a high-profile gathering for 2000 guests.

    While our culinary repertoire draws inspiration from European, Asian, and New World influences, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to presenting food with style and inventiveness. We believe that the success of your event lies in the unique experience we create with every bite.

    quote request

    Thank you for your interest in having Dish Food & Social cater for you. The information on this page will assist us in putting together a proposal that meets your expectations, so the more detail you can give us, the better. It is also helpful to have some sense of how much you’re expecting to spend. And, of course, nothing beats good, old-fashioned talking, whether face-to-face or on the phone. Please feel free to call us on 021-447 0323.


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