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Calling our landline: (021) 447-0323
(between 08:00 & 17:00 on weekdays)

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• We deliver throughout the City of Cape Town, Stellenbosch & Paarl.
• Affordable delivery fee: R45 per day.
Weekday deliveries are between 15:00 & 19:00 daily (exact times not available).
Saturday deliveries (when available) are between 12:00 & 15:00.

Collection from our kitchen in Observatory also available.

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Family or celebration meals have never been easier.

We provide heating instructions.

Simply heat and serve.

DishFood - How It Works

our menus are varied, representing many different styles of cuisine, and we accommodate a large spectrum of eating plans or dietary preferences

our menu

Vegetarian • Fish • Beef • Venison • Side Dishes • Soups  • Cakes • Desserts •  Bakery • Drinks

5 Daily Meals every Week


  • Sale! Two bowls with Thai beef chilli basil, egg-fried rice, wokked Asian greens, and prawn crackers

    5 Daily Meals every Week

    From: R375.00 every Saturday
  • 4 Daily Meals every Week


  • Sale! A serving plate with lamb youvetsi being dished up onto two plates, together with lemon zested greens. It is accompanied by bowls of tzatziki and parmesan.

    4 Daily Meals every Week

    From: R335.00 every Saturday
  • 3 Daily Meals every Week


  • Sale!

    3 Daily Meals every Week

    From: R270.00 / week
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    healthy eating

    cater your own parties and celebration meals by mixing and matching our menu items

    catering... celebrate!

    Andrea Foulkes counts herself very lucky to be making her living while doing something she’s passionate about

    Whereas many people work to live, she and her team cook because they love food, and they go to parties because they love people. The ‘food & social’ part of the company’s name is there for a reason!

    Since starting in Andrea’s home kitchen during the course of 2002, Dish has cooked for some of South Africa’s best-known corporates, as well as many of Cape Town’s leading lights. From large events, such as the Nederburg Auction, Loerie Awards, Durban July or J&B Met to catered home dinners or fairy tale weddings, we apply the same passion for food and attention to detail.

    Every event has its own custom-designed menu, which is shaped around the client’s preferences. And, we are as comfortable cooking a small home dinner as we are running an event for 2000 people.

    While our repertoire draws on European, Asian and New World influences, our food is presented with a level of style and inventiveness that ensures the success of the event.

    quote request

    Thank you for your interest in having us cater for you. The information on this page will assist us in putting together a proposal that meets your expectations, so the more detail you can give us, the better. It is also helpful to have some sense of how much you’re expecting to spend. And, of course, nothing beats good, old-fashioned talking, whether face-to-face or on the phone. Please feel free to call us on 021-447 0323.


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